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6 reasons to switch to laminate flooring right now!

At Nielsen Bros Flooring, we?ve seen a huge surge in laminate flooring sales in our Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA showrooms ? and for good reason! As a modern, technologically advanced material, there are truly several benefits to using this beautiful, affordable hard surfacing. If you?ve been spending time looking for ?laminate flooring near me? for an upcoming home makeover, or are simply curious about this fantastic flooring alternative, check out the following 6 reasons why you may want to switch over to laminate flooring right now!

1. Affordable
If there?s one thing we?re well-aware of at our laminate flooring stores, it?s the price comparison to other hard surfacing options. While laminate flooring is created with a combination of resin and wood pieces that are then compressed into slats, visually they look just like hardwood. This effect is very popular with homeowners in search of affordable alternatives that have the appearance of a solid wood installation.

2. Easy to install
With its tongue-and-groove system, it makes for a quick, simple installation ? which is not the case for trickier set-ups like engineered or solid wood that can take up to several weeks to install. For capable DIYers, this can be a real-time (and money) saver.

3. Add it to any room

Visit us at our Auburn, WA showroom ? or any of our other laminate flooring stores ? and check out how stunning this flooring is. Coupled with the fact that it's stain and water-resistant, and you'll quickly see how it makes for the perfect addition to any room.

4. Eco-friendly

Since these planks use up wood pieces or scraps in the creation process, it uses wood that would have typically been thrown out. However, the design of these planks removes waste from the environment, creating a fully sustainable flooring option.

5. Easy upkeep

Busy households, don?t you wish there was a hard surfacing material that didn?t take up so much of your time to clean? Well, luckily, there is ? and it?s called laminate flooring! Our Auburn, WA showroom professionals can walk you through the process in-store, but basically, clean-up only requires a damp microfiber mop to wipe it down.

6. High performance
While some hard flooring alternatives require regular sanding to remove scratches and dents, the high performance and durability factor of laminate means you won't have to call a refinishing team. Not only is laminate scratch and stain resistant, but its high luster also means it'll look great day-in and day-out.