Pet-friendly hardwood flooring in a Bellevue, WA home

Are engineered hardwood floors pet-friendly?

Yes, engineered wood flooring can withstand pet nail scratches and even those times when your furry friend mistakes the corner for The Great Outdoors or a litter box. We love our animals, but they can be tough on floors, so you'll want something durable, water-resistant, and easy to care for--plus, it needs to look great for humans. Read on to see why these wood floors stand up to whatever the animals dish out.


Because engineered hardwood is prefinished, with an ultra-tough coating that can only be used in controlled environments, like factories, can be used, making the floors super-tough and giving an increased ability to withstand pet scratches.

More resistant to warping

This hardwood version has a layered construction, consisting of genuine wood combined with a bit of resin. This makes it more stable than solid and better able to handle water, so no worries if your pet has an accident or topples the water dish!

Easy cleanability

Any hard surface is pretty easy to clean, so, with engineered, sweep with a soft broom or vacuum without beater bars. Damp-mop with a wood cleaner periodically and placemats or area rugs strategically, especially in places with high foot traffic or exposure to water.

And for the two-legged

As with solid, you can have beautiful oak, hickory, maple--or whatever your species-of-choice is flooring with engineered. In addition, you'll have all of the gorgeous undertones, knots, swirls, and growth rings, characteristics that make these floors so unique. Engineered floors can also be refinished and last up to 50 years.

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