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Can I get character with hardwood flooring?

There are four grades in hardwood flooring. While some wood flooring is smooth and subtle, others have character grades. That refers to character displaying features such as knots, swirls, grains, and color variations.

Character grade floors are all-natural. That means they also display cracks, wormholes, mineral streaks?anything that occurs naturally in the forest.

The character grade FAQ

People often ask us if character-grade solid or engineered hardwood flooring is better. However, that answer depends solely upon where you're installing.

Engineered floors have construction that makes them more stable and better able to handle moisture; if you want the wood floors to be in a higher-than-normal moisture area like the basement, engineered is best.

Solid can be damaged by excessive moisture. So, be sure it's not installed in any room prone to leaks.

Two of the best character grade floors

They include white oak and walnut. White oak isn't whiter at all but rather brown. The color can range from an almost light gray to beige and darker brown shades.

White oak has an open grain and rich grain pattern. It works well in any interior plan.

For oak and more, visit us when you are shopping for wood flooring in Auburn, WA.

If you want to make a big, bold design statement, black walnut is for you. The color is a dark, rich, chocolatey brown. Grains can be open or almost closed, resulting from growing in various areas. The grain pattern is straight but has some curling.

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