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Do you acclimate luxury vinyl flooring?

Yes. We always hear about the need to acclimate wood, but just as your body needs to adjust to new elevations and temperatures when traveling to other climates, so does luxury vinyl.

What acclimation will avoid

If the vinyl comes from a hot climate to a chilly one, it will shrink, and gaps will occur. If it comes from a cold environment and goes to a hotter one, it will expand.

The planks and tiles will crowd each other and cup to make room.

Acclimating luxury vinyl flooring enables it to adjust to its new environment. In turn, that enhances performance and lifespan.

If it?s waterproof, why do I need acclimation?

Whether it?s the form of luxury plank flooring or luxury vinyl tile, the core is porous. That means that, even though it looks solid, there are tiny holes that allow air movement. That's usually a good thing, but if the air is humid or excessively dry, that will also cause the material to shrink or gap.

Acclimation requirements might also be in your warranty. When any warranty isn't followed, all protections will be voided, and that can result in losing money.

Acclimation points to remember:

1. Vinyl plank flooring or LVT should be left in opened boxes or placed side-by-side in the room where it's to be installed for 48 hours.

2. Keep the room climate controlled at a temperature between 59-80 degrees. Excess heat or air conditioning will only confuse the matter

3. Acclimation is even more critical when the flooring is installed via the floating floor technique. When the surface floor hovers over the subfloor without adhesives to hold it in place, the slightest movement will affect balance.

Luxury without the cost

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