Engineered hardwood flooring in a Renton, WA home

Does engineered wood flooring need to acclimate?

Each manufacturer has different recommendations as to whether or not you should acclimate?engineered hardwood; at Neilson Bros & Sons, we read the instructions carefully and check the moisture content, heat source, subfloor, and other pertinent elements.

Solid hardwood flooring: different construction, different acclimation requirements

Solid wood is porous, and, as it sounds, it is one thickness throughout. This makes the floors susceptible to warping, cupping, crowning, shrinking, and expanding, and they will always require acclimation. Therefore, the solid wood process is to leave the product in the room in which it's to be installed for three to five days before installation to give it a chance to adjust to the new climate.

Engineered wood floors have a different construction that makes them stable with a better ability to handle water, but you need to consider all factors. For instance, the thickness makes for a more durable hardwood flooring, especially when it comes to moisture issues, so that that manufacturer installation requirements can vary. Also, keep in mind that the top layer is a slice of hardwood species, and it also depends just where you're installing it. Sometimes there will even be click-lock mechanism challenges when there's excess water.

It is also important to note that checking the installation requirements will save you money in replacement and repairs and protect your warranty. When manufacturer instructions aren't followed, the warranty will be voided.

Why we also check heating system installation instructions

Underfloor radiant systems operate in one of two ways: hydronic or electric, each with different requirements. While engineered floors are good candidates for placement over these systems, installing them correctly to resist damage is essential.

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