Durable wood look laminate flooring in a Lynnwood, WA kitchen

Durable floors a must for your kitchen? Check out your laminate flooring store for excellent surfacing materials!

If durable floors are a must for your kitchen renovation, then you'll want to visit our laminate flooring store. At Nielsen Bros Flooring, one of the most popular surfacing options at our Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA showrooms is a modern, attractive laminate. For kitchen redesigns, it can not only handle high traffic but also deals very well with water spills and mishaps. Without the need for polishing products, laminate floors keep their brilliance easily for years. What's secret to its durability, you may ask? Well, according to our laminate flooring retailer experts, it all comes down to its hard-wearing layers. Capable of resisting even the highest level of traffic, protective coatings provide a shield against dust, debris, and spills. With all those protective layers, you also get am installation that's well-sealed from moisture, humidity, mold, and mildew.

Maintenance: Is it hard to keep up with laminate flooring?

In general, this type of surfacing does not require excessive care. In terms of maintenance and cleaning, it's very easy to keep clean and doesn't need special products. Keeping it looking shiny and new is super simple. For the most part, you just need to sweep the floors, which is something most people do daily. Occasional damp mopping is also required, of course, to remove stains and retain an attractive appearance. Typically, though, we?re talking about once a week ? that?s it!

Is laminate suitable for kitchens?

Indeed, laminate is ideally suited for kitchens. It?s not just a good choice, it?s a great choice, considering all the benefits of this particular installation. Additionally, another nice perk about these floors is the fact that it is quite cost-effective. Since it?s manufactured in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, and lookalike options, you can get the look you want at a very budget-conscious price.

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