laminate flooring

Get the hardwood look (without the steep price tag) with laminate flooring

At Nielsen Bros Flooring, our Auburn, WA showroom professionals often get the following question: What floors can we get that look like real wood for our budget-restrictive project? Well, while a great many homeowners appreciate solid hardwood, the fact is, not every renovation an integrate it because of its higher-end price point. As such, we typically recommend another type of quality flooring that provides that genuine wood look at a substantially more cost-effective price. That?s right, we?re talking about laminate flooring! Affordable, durable, and versatile, you can trust laminate flooring to give you the same style, warmth, and comfort for your upcoming home redesign. Let?s go over some excellent benefits that may steer you towards this modern, eco-friendly material.

Wonderful design versatility offers you lots of great choices

As laminate flooring is manufactured in a vast array of colors and designs, you?re able to get the look you want ? without breaking the budget! Imagine having exotic Tigerwood or gorgeous Brazilian cherry wood at a fraction of the price. Luckily, it?s entirely possible with laminate. You can even get other very popular appearances too like bamboo, maple, oak, and styles like barn wood or natural wood.

Several sizing options for the perfect new look

If you have a particular wood type you?d like to have, chances are you can find it as a laminate flooring alternative. What?s more, you can get planks in different lengths and widths, offering you a means to do anything you want in terms of interior design.

Stick to your budget with quality craftsmanship

Let's face it, a great deal of us know exactly what we want ? but that pesky budget always seems to get in the way! Well, as our Auburn, WA showroom experts will tell you, Laminate flooring is a great cost-effective option when your budget is tight. So, if you're hoping to get a certain wood look for your space, laminate is no doubt the way to go. At a mere fraction of the cost of genuine wood, you're able to get the same appearance for your makeover ? and that's one of the top reasons why it's so popular with homeowners lately.

Laminate flooring near me

Looking for ?laminate flooring near me?? Want a modern, high-tech material that?s sustainable? Or are you still wondering what type of floors would be best for your home renovation? Come visit our laminate flooring stores in Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA for more great, honest advice, quality surfacing options, and cost-effective pricing.