Hallways are busy: Can I install laminate flooring?

Hallways are busy: Can I install laminate flooring?

You may wonder if you can install laminate wood flooring in your entryway. What a great first impression that would make!

But hallways are very high-traffic areas. So, yes, it will work, but it must be durable.

Isn?t all laminate durable?

Yes, but in the correct installation. For instance, you wouldn't want to put a laminate floor meant for low-traffic areas in a busy place.

Check the AC (Abrasion Criteria) rating to get the right laminate flooring. A one to six rating determines the product's resistance to impact.

Each laminate product is subjected to grueling tests to determine how the flooring holds up under various situations. The failure of just one test can drop the rating down a notch.

The best residential ratings are AC-3 or AC-4. Be sure also to describe your project to the flooring expert.

AC Ratings don't determine scratch resistance

Lucky for you, laminate avoids scratches very well. But, like anything, take care of it?remember, laminate flooring can't be sanded.

Minor scratches can, however, be touched up with a floor repair kit?and do it while they're still little. Also, take a sample of your floor, if possible, to the store. This gives you the best laminate flooring match possible.

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