Laminate flooring in Bellevue, WA from Nielsen Bros Flooring

Laminate flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas

Durability is a top priority when it comes to shopping for floors. And, of course, you also want something stylish, affordable, and easy to care for.

With that in mind, laminate flooring may be right for you. It's long been considered an appealing alternative to hardwood, but over the years, it evolved to include better graphics and technological advances such as embossing and micro beveling.

About laminate flooring durability

Crucial to the strength of this floor is a top transparent aluminum oxide wear layer that protects it from scratches and wear. In addition, the wear layer gives the floor a long lifespan (up to 30 years).

How the wear layer is measured

You'll hear it as an AC (Abrasion Criteria) number here. A one-to-five rating system determines how and where laminate wood flooring is used. For residential use, you'd probably want AC-2 or AC-3.

As the numbers increase, so does the strength. However, remember that each space has a different strength requirement, so you may require a higher or lower number depending on your activity levels.

Think also about the laminate thickness

While it?s all scratch-resistant, a thicker laminate flooring will hold up longer than a thinner one. It also is quieter and offers more design options.

Visit us for your laminate flooring

We want to show you why laminate flooring might be the right choice for you. You'll see gorgeous wood looks in our showroom, such as Granbury Oak by Mohawk or Gold Coast by Shaw Industries.

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