The 411 on luxury vinyl flooring wear layers

The 411 on luxury vinyl flooring wear layers

You've probably heard a lot about wear-layers lately, especially when shopping for luxury vinyl plank or tile. That's because they are a significant player in durability.

What it is

This is a multi-layered product. The wear layer is placed between the top finish and the design layer. It's a clear, strong melamine coating that protects the floor that guards against scuffs, scratches, heavy wear, and dents. Think of it as a bodyguard!

A robust wear layer won't be fazed by heavy foot traffic and everyday wear. But, it also stands up to the punishment dished out by kids, pets, and dropped pots and pans.

In other words, it keeps the luxury vinyl tile or plank look tremendous and performs well.

Wear layers also help with the waterproofing. It keeps spills from absorbing.

There's no concern about soaking, staining, or rippling with a wear layer. That's just one more way to wear layers to guard against damage.

Wear layers also add to the design of the vinyl. It's where embossing (which is responsible for textured looks) occurs.

What should wear layers measure?

Wear layers are measured in mils. The most robust for heavy residential use is 20-mils.

Thicker is better, and wear layer thickness is a separate measurement; if you're told LVT or LVP is 8-mm thick, know that number only refers to the product and not the wear layer.

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