laminate flooring

The laminate series: what is it?

Did you know that laminate flooring is still one of the hottest flooring materials on the market? It?s a very affordable way to get that stunning wood look you?ve always dreamed of and remains one of the best options for increasing home value for those that are looking to sell. There?s much to learn about this amazing floor covering, and you?re going to be much the wiser by the time this series is over, so stay tuned! Today we find out exactly what this material is and why it?s a great choice for so many homeowners.

Laminate isn?t just a cheap wood-look alternative floor covering. It?s a very durable material that looks almost exactly like real wood, stone, or tile. And the good news is, the processes that create that gorgeous look just continue to improve!

Four layers make up the sturdy construction of this floor covering:

?Bottom/Backing - this layer acts as a protective shield against moisture, but also creates excellent balance and stability.
?Core - just above the backing is a high-density layer that also protects your flooring from moisture but goes a step further to protect against indentations as well.
?Design - this layer is created with a high-resolution 3D printer that creates the ?look? which can include wood, stone, or tile looks.
?Wear - the very top layer, this clear surface is constructed of aluminum oxide and helps resist stains, fading, and burns.

These layers are all fused together using a combination of intense pressure and heat that creates the product that will be installed on your floors. They stand up very well to daily wear, but they?re also perfect for busy households, especially ones that have children and pets.

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