Laminate flooring in Bellevue, WA from Nielsen Bros & Sons

Three laminate flooring trends

Laminate flooring
has long been considered a viable alternative to natural wood. It keeps getting better with technological advances that improve aesthetics and function.

It's stylish and durable. This is what you can expect to see this year in laminate.

This year it?s all about textures

Realism is currently the game's name, and textures make wood floors distinctive. However, the looks are accomplished mainly by hand with a steel brush or knife with genuine wood.

Wood echoes like laminate get these looks with embossing. The first three are often associated with rustic looks. They do, however, work with any decor,
The best laminate flooring will offer a wire-brushed, slightly aged textured look. Hand-scraped features long scrapes, giving each plank a unique, expensive, and hand-crafted appearance.

Distressed textures make the floors look beat up. There are scratches, scrapes, dents, and burn marks.?

Embossed-in-register (EIR) offers the most realistic look yet. In addition, indentations are created to match the images, making it incredibly practical.

(Highly) water-resistant laminate flooring

A version with a non-wood construction makes this spill-proof. It eliminates all concerns about soaking, stains, and rippling.

Colors: Following the trends

Right now, the big things in wood hues are light, gray, whitewashed, and high variation. You'll get them all in laminate flooring.

Those are the three big ones, but others include fun patterns, like chevrons and herringbone. You'll also see wider planks and stain-resistant laminate.

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