Solid hardwood flooring in an Auburn, WA master bedroom

What are the benefits of solid hardwood flooring?

There?s nothing like hardwood flooring. There are so many benefits, from adding richness and warmth to your home to it adding value to your property. Wood floors never go out of style, fit into any decor, are strong and durable, and require simple maintenance.

Gorgeous undertones and quirky knots and swirls

Undertones are just secondary colors mixed in with the primary to give it a certain shade; for instance, a mahogany floor might have red, orange, or brown tints, while a gray floor might have a slate blue look. These undertones can be used to highlight and match other room furnishings, upholstery, wall colors, or even window views.

Many species, such as oak flooring, will have an abundance of knots and swirls, adding texture appeal and visual interest. Knots aren?t a defect at all, and some even say they make the hardwood boards look more authentic. Whether or not you agree with that statement, one thing?s for sure: They will make your floors stand out.

Surprisingly affordable

Don?t just look at the initial price but examine the overall picture. Hardwood lasts for years and often just gets better with age. We have heard of some lasting 100 years. Most scratches are in the veneer and not the wood itself so when it does look excessively scratched or worn, it usually just needs a refinishing.

You?ll also add value in two ways. You?ll recoup 70% to 80% of the cost in your property values and potential buyers will often pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood flooring.

Since they?re natural, they don't emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and it doesn?t take chemical-heavy products to clean them. That helps improve indoor air quality. They?re also easy to clean, requiring easy maintenance such as regular vacuuming, wiping spills immediately, and strategically placing mats at entrances to absorb liquid.

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