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What should I know about tongue and groove hardwood flooring?

Tongue and groove is a type of flooring installation. It is to describe a solid hardwood flooring installation.

Now clicking mechanisms, associated with the floating floor installation technique, are often referred to as tongue and groove. You might hear these words for the engineered hardwood version or with wood mimics.

Traditional tongue and groove?

This is the only installation technique for solid wood, such as Karastan BelleLuxe. Each plank has two sides.

The tongue (a protrusion) fits into a slot (the groove). This forms one sheet, which the installer will then nail to the subfloor.

Pay attention to moisture

In any tongue and groove installation, know that moisture can affect both the aesthetics and performance of wood floors.

Moisture readings must be taken, beginning at the subfloor and then continuing throughout the process. This is because solid wood significantly can be damaged.?

It also moves to adjust to humid or dry conditions. This causes cupping, crowning, or gapping.

Acclimation is a necessary but straightforward pre-installation process. It allows the wood to adjust to the new environment; keep in mind that the tree likely grew in a different climate.

Tongue and groove and the floating floors

Some wood flooring or wood looks, like luxury vinyl plank or laminate, float. This technique means they click together and mat.

The mat then hovers over the subfloor without adhesives or nails. The clicking is similar to a tongue and groove; hence, the name!

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