Soft, damage-resistant and eco-friendly

Mohawk Cushion Systems

When it comes to enhanced performance and protection, Mohawk’s carpet cushion systems present plenty of excellent options. You can rest assured knowing that each cushion meets or exceeds FHA/HUD requirements and adheres to the current CRI Installation Standard.

All Mohawk carpet cushions are CRI Green Label certified, meaning they meet the standard for environmental protection.

Mohawk ComfortCushion

Cover all the basics with this shock-absorbing cushion that extends carpet life, adds comfort underfoot and increases insulation. It is FHA Class I or II certified and meets or exceeds warranty requirements set by the fiber manufacturer.

Guardian Cushion

Along with free warranty upgrades, get these additional features when you install Mohawk Guardian Cushion:

  • Visco Memory Foam for additional softness and a more plush feel
  • Moisture barrier film to block spills
  • Antimicrobial additives to inhibit the growth of dangerous mold, mildew or fungus

When you install Mohawk Smart Cushion, you are also supporting Decorate for the Cure, a Mohawk and Susan G. Komen event that helps fund ongoing research into a cure for breast cancer.

​Additional Cushion Options

Mohawk Fresh Solutions cushions come in a variety of thicknesses to meet nearly any need or price point.

Add Antimicrobial Additives to any carpet style to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, mold and mildew and ensure long-lasting hygiene for your carpet. This treatment resists cleaning so that you can have your carpet professionally cleaned repeatedly without having to re-apply. Finally, the treatment includes a built-in deodorizer for freshness. Wetlock Moisture Barrier Film can offer even more protection against spills and tricky stains.