Be prepared for your appointment

Installing Hardwood Flooring

Know What To Expect

We live in the age of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement, and while many homeowners prefer to tackle DIY projects, hardwood installation can be very intensive.

Properly installation of hardwood means matching the standards of the manufacturer. This requires extensive training, experience with different types of hardwood flooring, and specialized skills. Hiring a professional installation team can ensure a final product that will stay beautiful for many years and will be covered by manufacturer warranty.

As a full-service flooring center, Nielsen Bros Flooring can provide a professional installation team to install your new hardwood completely hassle-free. When you purchase your new hardwood from Nielsen Bros Flooring, we can arrange all costs, scheduling and preparation needed in-store or at your convenience.

To feel confidently prepared on the date of your hardwood installation, feel free to review our helpful hardwood flooring installation guide.

Preparing Before Hardwood Installation

  • Have existing hardwoods or other flooring to remove? Inform us in advance, as flooring removal can entail additional time and cost. If you are installing engineered hardwood floors, they can most likely float above your existing floors, eliminating the need for removal.
  • If you have large furniture to move, our team can do this - just let us know in advance what we're up against! Note that unusual large items, such as pianos or grandfather clocks, will require the expertise of a company that specializes in such items. Arrange to have them moved in advance.
  • Please clear your floors, including inside of closets, and remove any smaller items and wall hangings - these could get bumped accidentally during the job.

What To Expect During & After Hardwood Installation

  • Have an adult member of your household (age 18 or older) greet your crew upon arrival to show them to their work area.
  • The head installer should walk you through the job so you can be fully informed - ask them any questions you may have about the installation.
  • Keep any pets or small children away from the work area to avoid their potential injury.
  • Before stepping on your new floors, allow enough time for any adhesive to dry
  • Test your appliances to make sure they have no leaks – moisture can damage your hardwood
  • Post-installation, you may notice a lingering dust - this is normal and will subside with time. Open windows for ventilation to help speed this process