Get ready for new floors!

Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate floors can easily be installed as a DIY project - but if you would prefer to have a certified professional installation, Nielsen Bros Flooring has you covered! To get prepared for your professional installers, consult our hardwood flooring installation guide. The process is very similar!

Many homeowners choose to take on a laminate flooring project themselves, however. Flooring can be a challenging project, but it can also be very rewarding to complete, especially if you're looking to save on installation costs.

Before starting your project, you're likely wondering what to expect. To help you get prepared, Nielsen Bros Flooring has put together this helpful guide to laminate flooring installation.

How To Prepare For Laminate Installation

  • Confirm the type of laminate flooring you’re installing.
    • Some laminate requires adhesive, which can come pre-applied - otherwise it must be applied manually
    • Other laminate flooring can float above your existing floors without the need for adhesives – these usually lock together using a “tongue and groove” system
  • Clear everything off the floors being renovated, including inside closets, and move all furniture
    • You may wish to hire a trained specialist to move large, unusual objects such as grandfather clocks or pianos
  • Remove and store all other breakable items and wall hangings in another area

What To Expect During And After Laminate Installation

  • Unless you're replacing carpet, floating laminate can be applied directly on top of your existing floors
  • Make sure your subflooring is dry, clean and flat before applying your underlayment
  • Most laminate will easily click and lock together
  • Post-installation, you might notice lingering odors or dust – this is normal and will go away with time, but you can open windows or run fans to ventilate your rooms and speed up the process
  • If using adhesives, before stepping on your new laminate, allow enough time for it to dry
  • Test your appliances to ensure they don't leak – moisture can damage your laminate

Preparing for installation in advance will increase your odds that everything will go smoothly, so keep our tips as a checklist for installation day.