Prepare for new floors!

Tile And Stone Installation

Ceramic tile installation isn't complicated, but it can be intensive. For this reason, many homeowners, especially those without prior tile installation experience, will rely on a certified professional installation service like that provided by Nielsen Bros Flooring to ensure that their flooring is installed safely and efficiently to manufacturer standards.

Before you schedule your appointment with Nielsen Bros, you are probably wondering what you should expect. To help get you fully prepared, we've created this helpful tile installation guide:

What To Expect Before Tile Installation

  • If you have an existing floor covering to remove, let us know ahead of time so that we can plan to properly remove and dispose of your floors and arrange for the additional cost of removal
  • Make sure that your floors, including the insides of closets, are all completely clear
  • Let us know in advance if you have any large furniture to move - unusual items such as grandfather clocks or pianos will require a specialist company and should be handled before we arrive
  • Store your small valuables and wall hangings in another room
  • Be sure to walk through each step of the job with your installer to ask any questions before they begin

What To Expect During And After Tile Installation

  • An adult member of your household should greet your crew and show them crew around upon arrival, making them aware of their work area and access to electrical supply
  • If you have any pets or young children, please keep them away from all work areas to avoid accidental injury
  • You may notice some residual dust – this is completely normal, and it will subside over time – open windows & run fans to ventilate affected rooms
  • Before taking your stepping onto your new floors for the first time, allow enough time for adhesive to dry, if any

Being prepared for installation boosts is just another way to ensure that everything will go smoothly, so keep our tips as a checklist on installation day.