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Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

You can have luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, installed professionally by one of Nielsen Bros Flooring's certified installation teams. We'll get the job done to manufacturer standards very quickly and relatively inexpensively to boot.

However, LVT is one of the easiest flooring types to install, so many homeowners choose to install it themselves, which typically saves on the cost of installation and can be a rewarding experience.

Before you begin, consult this helpful installation guide and learn what to expect so that you can feel fully prepared.

How to Prepare Before Installing LVT

  • Confirm the type of LVT you’re working with
    • Some LVT requires adhesive, which can either come pre-applied or must be applied manually
    • Other LVT flooring simply locks together with a tongue and groove system. This type easily floats above existing floors without the need for adhesives
  • Cear any floors being renovated, including in closets, and move all furniture
    • If you have any unusual large objects, including grandfather clocks or pianos, you may choose to hire a specialist company
  • Move any valuables or wall hangings to another room

What to Expect During & After LVT Installation

  • Unless you're replacing carpet, floating LVT can be installed directly above your current flooring
  • Be sure your subfloors are dry, clean and flat before applying underlayment
  • Most LVT easily clicks and locks together using an intuitive system of tongues and grooves
  • After you're finished installing the floor itself, you may notice a lingering odor or dust – this is normal and will subside with time and proper ventilation
  • Before taking your first steps on new LVT, allow adequate time for the adhesive to dry, if any was used

Being fully prepared for installation in advance will boost the chance that everything will go smoothly, so keep our tips as a checklist.