Carpet installation in a Tacoma, WA home

Can carpet be installed over an existing floor covering?

Some people will choose to install carpet over an existing floor to save both time and money, rather than first removing the existing one. It is possible to do a flooring-over-flooring installation, ensure the existing floor is in good condition, clean, and free of adhesives or contaminants. It is generally recommended to do this type of installation on above-ground surfaces, but unique sealers may be needed to eliminate moisture if it is done below.

Speak in detail with your flooring company

As your flooring company, we will tell you what needs to be done and alert you to any potential unique challenges. We'll also advise you on how they will handle them or think this method poses too significant a risk to the new floor's appearance and performance. Some potential problems include floor elevation or foundational, moisture or repair issues, or floating floor challenges.

Sometimes carpet stores will find unique challenges with this type of carpet installation, especially when it's rug over another rug. There can be height or tack strip placement conflicts, or the existing soft-surface could even more or stretch with time. Also, be sure the current rug is professionally cleaned before doing any installation.

On the outside, looking in

Most people never think of examining the outdoors first when installing flooring material. That can create circumstances, such as moisture issues, especially when you live in an older structure. Be sure water cannot emanate from gutters or any drainage system; if it can, report this to your installer immediately as it may prevent you from a flooring-over-flooring installation.

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