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Shop at home could be perfect for you

Although we have three magnificent showrooms totaling 22,000-square-feet we know, after 70 years in business, that some want to shop in the comfort of their own homes. Besides, it's great to look at samples in your light with your surrounding furnishings. So when looking for flooring in Washington, either come into one of the Nielsen Bros Flooring showrooms or call to schedule an appointment with our mobile flooring store.

Why is shopping at home such a good choice

  • More accuracy. Colors have a way of varying, even slightly, when placed next to other colors or are seen in a different light. This way, you'll see precisely how the product looks in your home, not the showroom or outdoors. The lighting might be great in other areas, but that's not where you live.
  • Better memory. Sometimes it's so easy to forget about that pipe that always leaks; the cat who's fascinated by water and splashes and topples the water dish, or the dog who's continuously tracking in soil and mud. You might even forget that the room in which you plan to install has hot, direct sunlight. No problem because the staff will be there to see.
  • More focus. It's challenging to make a good decision when you've been walking to store after store all day. You're tired, hungry, headachy, and want to get it done. So you may end up buying something that wasn't your first choice.
  • Better working relationship. When we come to your home, we'll get to meet each other and understand your goals and know-how best to work together. For example, some like to know every detail as it's being done, while others want to see the final result. We'll know what's expected of us and can act accordingly. We'll also become familiar with your home and will make a note of potential challenges and how to avoid them.




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That brings us to the flooring estimate

Now that you've decided to buy it look at it with a clear, focused head. Does it include a thorough account of deliverables? Does it include installation? Who will dispose of the old flooring, and who inspects the subfloor? What happens if the subfloor needs repair? If you don't see this, ask questions. The last thing you want is a surprise bill.

A lot has changed through the years, but what hasn't changed is that we provide high-quality products and services such as craftsman-like installations, design consultations, tub and shower surrounds, and more. Nielsen Bros Flooring can service you whether you want to visit one of our showrooms in Bellevue, Auburn, or Lynnwood, WA., or if you prefer to shop at home. We service areas in and around Bellevue, WA, Auburn, WA, Lynnwood, WA, Redmond, WA, Kirkland, WA, Renton, WA, Tacoma, WA, Edmonds, WA && Bothell, WA and provide free quotes.