Laminate flooring
has long been considered a reasonable, affordable alternative to genuine wood and stone. Today, with modern technology such as high-definition photography, deeper embossing, micro beveling to add depth and dimension, and better graphics, it's become one of the most popular floorings. In fact, some say laminate's becoming a trend.

What do you think about new floors? Our showroom has an assortment of laminate flooring in Auburn, WA, from brands like Mohawk, Shaw, National Flooring Products, and more.

Easy cleanability

While laminate has many benefits, the biggest is low maintenance. They're easy to clean with a dust mop, broom, or vacuum. Just be sure that vacuum beater bars and rotating brushes are removed first.

Specific cleaning tips for laminate flooring

1. If possible, use a microfiber mop, as sponge mops sometimes push the dirt around. Whether you use microfiber, sponge, or string mops, be sure to wring them until almost dry before proceeding.

2. How often should you mop? Every two months is usually enough to keep your floors looking fresh, but you may want to do it more often.

3. Wipe spills immediately. Remember, liquid can damage laminate, so limit exposure.

4. Avoid abrasives. Use soft brooms or dust mops and avoid using steel wool pads, hard scrubbers, vacuum beater bars, or rotating brushes.

5. Don't use steam cleaners, as they rely on heat and moisture, eventually damaging the laminate.

6. Use the right cleaner, and don't use anything that doesn't expressly state that it's okay to use with laminate floors. Some are oil-based and will leave residue and streaks, and others can cause damage. If you have questions, seek the advice of your flooring expert or look at the manufacturer's instructions.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions! Sometimes you may think something is acceptable, but it won't be for laminate flooring. For example, vinegar is an ordinary cleaner for many products, but it is too acidic for laminate and will damage that surface.

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