Carpet installation in Lynwood, WA from Nielsen Bros Flooring

How to prepare for your carpet installation

Preparation is key to a successful carpet installation. It can eliminate measuring, ordering, and any delays.

Ask a lot of questions, and you can get most of the answers even before you leave the carpet store.

Questions to ask

Who does the subfloor inspection? Is that a separate cost if it needs repair, or is it part of the fee?

Who removes existing carpeting and padding? Some people remove it themselves, while others have the company do it.

The room needs to be empty. Who removes the furniture, and is there a charge?

What about baseboards? If one already exists, should I remove it, or will the installer bring one as part of the installation?

Create a checklist

You want to keep your everyday routines as ?normal? as possible. A new carpet installation, like any remodeling, can be disruptive, so:

Place all important documents within easy reach.

Create alternatives for needed rooms. During an installation, I turned my kitchen into a home office.

Secure valuables.

Make pet arrangements?either plan to secure them or get them out of the house entirely. For example, I just scheduled a doggy play date for mine!

Measure door heights and moldings. Be aware of any door sills, bay windows, or anything you should tell the installer so there are no height issues.

After the carpet installation

While preparation is vital, follow-up is also essential. After your carpet installation, be sure to ask about expectations. Some things, like shedding, are normal?but for how long?

Also, ask about moving the furniture back in or just walking on the surface. But, again, there are often two different timetables.

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