Is luxury vinyl flooring scratch-resistant?

Is luxury vinyl flooring scratch-resistant?

At Nielsen Bros Flooring, we get all kinds of questions about floor coverings. We don?t think any question is too small to answer. So let?s answer the above question.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes with a strong top layer that resists staining and scratching, not to mention other abrasions as well. It is functional, durable, and attractive to look at. It is also easy on your budget and practically maintenance-free. Let?s look at how this comes together.


Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) are made from four disparate materials. The backing layer protects the subfloor and prevents any wear and tear from reaching it. The image layer, or design layer, goes on the core layer. LVP looks like hardwood, and LVT looks like hardwood, tile, stone, or brick. It can be subjected to long periods of water without damage because it is waterproof.

Wear layer

Nearly all vinyl flooring brands have a thick wear layer to them. A 25-year warranty backs them. The wear layer makes it difficult to affect the design layer underneath it. Once the wear layer is worn down, the image layer will become damaged, and the flooring will need to be replaced. So it is necessary to buy an LVF with a thick wear layer. 20-millimeters of thickness in a wear layer is ideal for heavy foot traffic.

To get the most from your luxury vinyl floor, be sure to sweep the floor daily. This prevents a buildup of dirt and debris that can scratch your wear layer. You also want to mop the floor as well. Clean it with manufacturer-approved solutions, or call us for more information.

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