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Is padding necessary with a carpet installation?

Yes. Think of it as asphalt for your carpet installation.

Without asphalt, your car would drive over an unpaved road?with dust, potholes, and mud. Padding protects the rug from the bare floor and foot traffic.

What is padding?

This thick layer of material acts as the rug's foundation. It gives that bouncy, comfortable feeling underfoot, but that isn't the primary reason why it's so important.

The carpet's backing can damage, stretch, and separate without it. That places even more stress on the carpet fibers, which can also break down.

Padding also absorbs sound and becomes a temperature insulator. Like carpeting, padding has its own R-value, a measurement of insulation. When the two are combined, that effect is even more profound.

Types of carpet padding

They include:
1. Bonded Urethane: This padding is sometimes referred to as re-bond. This is the most popular padding selected.

2. Prime foam: This is the one that?s given out free and doesn?t last long. Frothed or memory foam, do and can last 10 or more years. Discuss this thoroughly with the experts at our carpet store in Bellevue, WA.

3. Fiber: You can choose between natural and synthetic. Synthetics tend to be more mold resistant.

4. Rubber: This is mainly used when the subfloor is concrete, not wood.

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A carpet installation might be just right for you. Today there are many dazzling colors, patterns, and styles, all with extra durability and stain resistance.

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