The advantage of carpet installation from the same carpet provider

The advantage of carpet installation from the same carpet provider

You're excited about shopping for your new carpet installation. You may wonder if you should find a source offering products and installation.?

Yes, there are many advantages to finding it all in one place. Flooring is a significant investment in the home and something we don't buy often.?

So, you want it to last? and here?s why it?s better when everything?s in one place.

Speak with our team about your carpet installation

You don't want to run all over town to get something done. Everyone knows equally about your home and the rug when it's all from one place.

We?ll ask you questions at our carpet store. These include lifestyle-based ones, as well as color and style preferences.??

What did you like or dislike about your last installation? What, if any, problems or challenges did you experience?

The answers are communicated to the carpet installation team so they know what to expect ahead of time.?

Quick, efficient communication

With us, there's no finger-pointing when there's a problem! Other flooring companies may blame the installers and vice versa, and on and on.

Here, it gets escalated to the correct department so things can get solved fast!

Above and beyond

Everyone wants to see you happy with your new carpet in Auburn, WA. The project doesn't end with carpet installation. You'll get tips and advice.

Visit our carpet store for your installation needs

At Nielsen Bros & Sons, installation is as necessary as the product. That said, you can be sure you'll get the highest quality carpet installation.

Our family-owned company has physical locations in Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynwood, WA, and a fully stocked mobile showroom. Wherever you shop with us, you'll see top brands like Stanton, Shaw, and more. We service Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, and the surrounding areas.