The laminate series: laminate flooring near me

The laminate series: laminate flooring near me

Looking for laminate flooring stores in Auburn, WA?

If you're just starting the process of looking into flooring solutions for your home, you may be asking yourself: how do I find laminate flooring near me? While these days you can simply look up floor coverings online, a little bit of due diligence can go a long way.?

  • Start by asking around and getting referrals from a friend or acquaintance. After all, a good review is important before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Otherwise, look up laminate flooring showrooms in Auburn, WA and compare offerings.?
  • Check the store's online attestations and see what past customers have said.
  • Look through their online catalog and check out what kind of selections they offer.
  • Verify if they have a payment plan so you have the choice of paying over time as opposed to all at once.

Nielsen Bros Flooring locations boast a skilled workforce. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the flooring solution that's right for you. Our positive reviews are proof of commitment to excellent customer care.?

Is laminate flooring right for my Auburn, WA home?

Laminate is versatile, practical and relatively easy to install. Various quality levels can be tailored to your needs and budget. It also comes in a range of styles and is easy to clean and maintain. In short, it can be the right choice for you and can be used in practically any room.?

However, you need to consider that laminate is not recommended for bathrooms, mudrooms or areas of high moisture. Additionally, and very importantly, laminate floors cannot be wet-mopped. Furthermore, keep in mind that it will sound and feel slightly different than a real hardwood floor. If that's important to you, you'll want to consider a thick board laminate or a different wood covering solution. A flooring specialist will give it to you straight. They'll know the areas of your home that will best benefit from it depending on your needs and lifestyle.

Since 1946, Nielsen Bros Flooring has grown to three locations, including showrooms in Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA. They're flooring experts you can trust for all your laminate flooring needs.