Engineered hardwood flooring in a Bellevue, WA basement

Can wood floors be installed in a basement?

Wood floors
?are a magnificent addition to many spaces in your home, but can it be installed in a basement? The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no, but we can help you figure it out as you read along with us here.

Below grade spaces and wood floors

Solid hardwood flooring is never the right choice for basement rooms because it doesn?t stand up well under the humidity, dampness, and possible temperature changes that often occur there. In such conditions, engineered hardwood flooring is a much better choice.

Engineered wood is constructed so that the atmosphere of a basement does not damage the flooring. Layers of plied wood are placed together and topped with a veneer of solid wood, allowing you to choose a species, stain color, and finish of your choice, just as you would with solid wood.

Engineered hardwood floors also allow you to choose prefinished or site finished materials, and they can even be refinished, just like solid flooring. However, the number of times this can be done depends on the engineered wood veneer's thickness.

If you have more questions regarding wood flooring and basement rooms, be sure to contact us. We?ll be glad to help you find the floor covering that best suits your needs in every space.

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