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Four reasons to choose laminate floors

Even the most hard-core lover of wood floors will decide to go with laminate.? Here?s why:

It?s come a long way with technology

When I attended a Thanksgiving dinner this year, I commented on the homeowner?s gorgeous glossy and wire-brushed wood floors.? They were cut in planks, so I had no reason to think they weren?t genuine wood.

I honestly hadn?t seen anything this vibrant in a long time; the knots and grains seemed to jump out at me.?

When the homeowner told me, they weren?t real wood but, rather laminate, someone sniffed, ?Well, I?ll only have the real thing?--to which I answered, ?How could you tell the difference??

That underscores the difference in today's laminate vs that of years ago when it was functional, but not very well-designed, flooring mainly chosen for its affordability.

By the way, wood isn?t the only look you can get.? Use it to simulate stone or tile.? Some even use grout with the tile pieces for added realism.

Affordable, yes--but that?s not why a lot of people choose it

These floors can go where genuine wood cannot- because hardwood can be damaged by excess water.? That means below-grade levels, such as basements are no-nos, as are other high moisture areas. Wood floors are trending right now, and some people just long for that look in their baths.?

While it can stand up to wet towels and hot hair appliances, do keep in mind that laminate is made from wood byproducts. If The manufacturer installation guidelines are followed precisely, and if the boards are close together, it should be okay. Be sure, however, to discuss this with your flooring retailer.

Note: sometimes budget IS an issue, such as if the home is so big it would make the cost of wood prohibitive. While many prefer taking on this cost on a room-by-room basis, they cannot with wood flooring because sanding and refinishing can make each one look a little different.? Since there?s no staining with laminate, this worry is eliminated.

Other reasons include high durability and easy, DIY-friendly installation.

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