Clean hardwood flooring in a Lynnwood, WA home

How to clean hardwood floors

A focus on keeping dirt to a minimum is the first step in maintaining a hardwood floor. Floor mats placed inside and outside of exterior doors take care of dirt and debris that can scratch floors. Well-placed area rugs, such as in front of a fireplace, are helpful. Nielsen Bros & Sons is a flooring retailer in Washington that offers cleaning products that work well on wood. We have a showroom in Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, as well as a mobile showroom.

Routine hardwood cleaning

Wood floors should be cleaned at least once a week with a dust or microfiber mop, synthetic fiber broom, or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair.Periodic deep cleaning gets rid of the dirt and grime that build up over time.Follow these steps:

  • Combine water and cleaner in abucket

  • Dip sponge or microfiber mop intothe bucket and wring out excess water

  • Damp-mop the room, one smallsection at a time, using circular motions

  • Rinse the mop in clean water andwring out excess water

  • Damp-mop the floor, then dry itwith a towel.

Hardwood floor cleaning products

You can make a liquid cleaner if you prefer not to use a commercial cleaner that is made specifically for solid hardwood flooring. Castile soap and water can remove all dirt from the wood. Add one teaspoon of soap to each quart of water. To maintain a just-installed look, complete an additional step after cleaning the floor. Use a crayon that matches the color of the floor to cover light scratches. Heat the area with a blow dryer and buff with a soft cloth.

Nielsen Bros & Sons have been bringing flooring products and installation services to the Seattle, Washington, region for over 70 years. We have many satisfied customers in Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, and nearby areas. We also offer design consultation, custom granite fabrication, and custom towers and tub surrounds. We can help you with home upgrades and guide you through your hardwood flooring deep cleaning project.