Is a carpet installation okay near the fireplace?

Is a carpet installation okay near the fireplace?

We're using fireplaces more often, especially now that the weather is cold. And the fireplace is often the focal point of a room.

You may wonder how close your carpet installation can be to the fireplace. There are two different answers, depending on whether the rugs are flammable or non-flammable.

For non-fire-resistant rugs

Most carpets you'll see, as in clothing or other items, aren't fire-resistant. The rug's edge must be at least four feet from the fireplace.

It's not recommended to place wall hangings anywhere near the fireplace; a good alternative would be to put them on the wall opposite the fireplace.

Hearth rugs: non-flammable

Heath rugs, however, can get a little closer, and they can create a cozy atmosphere. The rule-of-thumb for this carpet flooring is 12-18 inches from the rug's edge. In addition, hearth rugs are stylish and made from more fire-resistant materials.

Read product descriptions carefully to be sure yours is a hearth rug. Even when it's advertised as flame-resistant, sometimes the carpets aren't.

But it?s not just fire that creates a hazard

People can fall and hurt themselves when the carpet's too close to the fireplace. Walk around the fireplace and see how easy or hard it is to navigate. If you feel like losing your balance, you're too close.

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