Tile flooring installation in a Bellevue, WA kitchen

So, you?re looking for kitchen flooring; what would the benefits of tile be?

Indeed, tile flooring is a trendy choice in the kitchen. And, given that you can use the same (or complimenting) tile on your walls or countertops, the options abound. But what makes this material such a compelling choice for the kitchen area?


Probably one of the most apparent elements is that a kitchen is a place of splashes and spills, and you need to be able to clean these things up quickly and safely. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are highly water-resistant in and of themselves, but a waterproof floor can be achieved when combined with a proper subflooring. Spills won?t harm them, and water won?t seep through to harm your subfloor. And, the bonus is that they are difficult to stain and very easy to clean.

A durable floor

Ceramic and porcelain were invented thousands of years ago; there are tiles in ancient times still in good condition today. If installed properly, they will last for several lifetimes, even under the most active families' wear and tear. Further, many real estate agents consider permanent flooring such as this a feature that adds to your home's overall value.

A floor with class

Let?s be honest; our kitchens are used more regularly than most other rooms in our home. They are practical places where cooking is done, but they are also places where friends are hosted, and entertaining is conducted. It must be both clean and tidy while also having the most necessary pantry and cooking items handy and quickly accessible. While tile flooring cannot organize your pantry, it can provide a durable floor for kitchen use, but that is also classy enough for entertaining. If desired, borders, outlines, and designs are also possible with tile.

If tile for kitchens is your focus, Nielsen Bro & Sons is the tile store for you. For your convenience, we have locations in Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynwood, WA, and we also have a mobile showroom so you can shop at home. We serve the broader areas of Redmond, Kirkland, Renton, and everywhere in between; we would love the opportunity to help you. There is nothing quite like a tile floor in the kitchen.