Carpet installation in the Greater Seattle, WA area

The importance of professional carpet installation

Professional carpet installation protects your investment, which is one of the biggest outlays you'll make in your house. Second, the floor is usually the largest square footage area of a room, so it's obvious and becomes a showcase for your style. When you're shopping for Washington state carpet stores, be sure to visit Nielsen Bros & Sons to learn more about how we can turn your vision into reality.

Your carpet is the jewel in the crown of your home

It?s always tempting to save money, but here?s the difference between a professional and ?the guy down the street? to place your carpet.

Professionals stretch the carpet properly - They use a power-stretcher, not a knee kicker, which is only meant for small spaces, to stretch it and make it fit tightly against the surface. This is according to manufacturer installation requirements. If you attempt to stretch a carpet out without this tool, it often won't lay tightly and eventually start to look loose. That causes the rug to look dated and also poses a safety challenge since people can trip.

You could face another costly problem; if the manufacturer stipulates power stretching in the warranty and it's not followed, all protections will be voided.

Others can fail to seam correctly - This involves taking two separate pieces of carpeting and gluing them together, requiring both seaming experience and patience. If not done correctly, the seam will be noticeable and will bring down the aesthetic appeal of your carpeting as a whole.

Prevent bumps, rolls, and wrinkles - If not appropriately measured, and all rooms are no longer perfect squares but have baseboards, door sills, and molding to contend with, you'll either order too little (and cause delay) or too much when it looks like the carpet crawls up the wall.

Your carpet installation professionals

Because flooring is such a significant investment, most of us can't change it at will every six months if we're unhappy with the result. So instead, call Nielsen Bros & Sons for a proper carpet installation. If you live or work in or around The Greater Seattle area, you?ll find three convenient locations: Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA. We also have a Shop at Home option, so, if you prefer, call for our fully stocked mobile showroom. Ask about our free quotes.