The laminate series: available appearances

The laminate series: available appearances

One of the biggest advantages of having laminate flooring is having the look of all-natural flooring materials without the extra price, the lengthy installation, or the heavy maintenance schedule. Laminate entered the flooring market as the only wood-look floor covering available and has only gone on to improve on that look and add others that are just as beautiful and elegant. Truly, any decor is enhanced with the variety of looks you can find in this line, so be sure to check them all out, to see if your dream flooring is there.

For those who prefer the rich hues and timeless elegance associated with solid hardwood, you can get the same great look here in laminate flooring. The Reclaimed look is as popular as ever, with all of its replications of distress including knots, scrapes, and burns. Weathered looks are popular as well, often featuring a wire-brushed subtlety. Rustic, hand-scraped looks offer long scrapes and grain textures for a classic, matchless appearance.

Laminate flooring
stores also carry a variety of materials that also look like natural stone, offering a very eloquent and classic look. However, you don?t have to break your budget, spend hours maintaining the finish, or worry about the cold underfoot feeling that often accompanies the ?real thing?. Instead, laminate offers all the great aspects of a look everybody loves, and few of the hardships that can make you want to pass the material over.

Both light and dark colors have been the current trend for a while, including the whitewashed appearance, and espresso blacks. However, that doesn?t mean warmer tones are completely out. Even gray has made an appearance towards the top of the list, giving homeowners the option to play with more vibrant colors in paint, decor, and accents.

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