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The laminate series: FAQs

When choosing laminate flooring, we find that homeowners often have a lot of unanswered questions, and we?d like to take a few steps to answer some of those for you today. We believe that knowledge is definitely beneficial when it comes to your new flooring, and goes a long way to providing the peace of mind you deserve through this process. While our associates are certainly ready to answer any questions you might have, there are always a few questions you forgot to ask. Hopefully, we cover a few of those here.

What?s the best way to clean laminate?
The cleaning and maintenance process is easy! Just take care of spills as quickly as possible, sweep up dirt and debris, and damp mop with warm soapy water.

Is laminate flooring safe and healthy?
While there are some laminate products that contain formaldehyde, many do not. However, those that do contain formaldehyde, usually meet CARB2 standards (the high standards set forth via California law) and are perfectly safe for your home.

Can I install my laminate flooring by myself?
This material is known for its easy installation, especially those materials that have the click and lock system. However, it?s well worth the extra budgeting to know that your flooring is installed perfectly, your warranty is intact, and your product is covered, no matter what.

Is laminate a good fit for my commercial location?
is an excellent floor covering for many businesses, as it?s extremely durable and cheaper than many other materials. Be sure to speak with your flooring professional about the AC rating, which determines how much foot traffic the laminate can tolerate.

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