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The laminate series: what about waterproof laminate?

You may have recently heard quite an uproar about ?waterproof laminate? but we want you to be completely in the know that are no real waterproof laminate flooring options. Since the construction of this material includes a core board, comprised of wood products, a true breach of the material by any form of liquid has the potential to ruin your new flooring. While the idea sounds great and makes for increased flooring sales, we would rather you know exactly what you?re getting, how to use, and how to protect it.

When a flooring covering is truly waterproof, it can withstand true flooding and still not be damaged in the end. It works because the core material is either 100% vinyl, or some other form of flooring material that is completely impervious to water. Those floor coverings that take on a ?water-resistant? title are those that are better equipped to handle spills, moisture, dampness, and humidity without succumbing to water damage. Laminate flooring is a good example of this.

Laminate flooring
stores carry a variety of water-resistant flooring that can meet almost any need you might have with regard to dampness. The materials can work perfectly in foyers, kitchens, kid?s rooms, and bathrooms, giving you plenty of time to clean up any messes before they lead to damage. In addition to being resistant to water, it?s also incredibly durable in general. You?ll find fewer dings, dents, and scratches because daily wear doesn?t show as quickly. This translates into a longer lifespan, and a longer amount of time to enjoy your brand new flooring.

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