laminate flooring

The laminate series: what it is NOT

Many laminate flooring stores are quick to tell you everything this material is and can do for you. But to be a truly well-educated flooring consumer, you should also know what laminate flooring is NOT. This can help you decide which rooms it will be perfect for, and which rooms you should consider flooring with an alternative material. It?s not that we want you to be concerned that laminate might not work for you, but we?d rather you know which spaces it isn?t perfect for.

You might be wondering: Are there any laminate store near me? The answer is yes. Nielsen Bros Flooring offers an excellent selection of floor coverings to make sure all our customers have everything they need to create the floor of their dreams. Combined with our experience and devotion to your specific needs, we?ll make sure your flooring experience is a successful one. To get that started right away, or to see our inventory in person, visit us at either of our showrooms, located in Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA. We look forward to serving you.

The first thing that laminate is NOT is waterproof. You may have heard the term ?waterproof laminate? but this can actually be very misleading, even to the point of causing water damage to your new floors. Water-resistant laminate works from the top-down, instead of from the bottom up, so if there are moisture issues in your sub-floor, a vapor barrier is necessary. There are certain materials in this line that are water-resistant, which works much better in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, but there is a difference. Our associates can help you better understand the difference.

Another thing that laminate flooring is NOT is soundproof. In fact, if your installation is not professionally done, you?ll wind up with a hollow sound that can create a great deal of distraction in every room, especially between floors. This sound can be softened with an appropriate underlayment as well, which also adds a bit of resilience and more comfort. Be sure to ask an associate about all the benefits of a proper underlayment.