laminate flooring installation

The laminate series: where to use it

Some laminate flooring stores might attempt to make you believe that laminate can be used in any room of your home with little to no worries at all. While it?s true that this material can be used in many spaces, you must remember that no laminate is 100% waterproof, so if you place it basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, you?re likely to wind up with water damaged flooring. To avoid this, simply make sure that you do not attempt to install it where water is a major factor.

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Laminate flooring
makes an excellent floor covering for a variety of spaces. You can find it in offices, commercial settings, and residences alike because it?s so extremely durable. It was constructed specifically for areas with high levels of traffic, even to include children and pets, so your busy home will be no match for the durability of this material.

The AC (Abrasion Class) rating is an important number if you?re looking for a specific level of durability. Ratings of one to three are perfect for homes, while anything higher than that can confidently be installed in commercial locations. If you?re really concerned about the traffic levels in your home, simply choose the highest AC rating.

In entryways and foyers, water-resistant laminate flooring is a perfect choice. Make sure you clean up any spills, dampness, or muddy footprints as soon after they happen as possible to avoid any problems. This rings true anywhere water-resistant flooring is used. Since laminate mimics the appearance of natural materials, you can add the perfect decor match with wood, stone, or tile looks in the living room, bedrooms, study, or hallway.