Three tips for the best engineered hardwood flooring

Three tips for the best engineered hardwood flooring

You may go with engineered wood flooring as opposed to solid hardwood. While they both look similar? indeed, engineered is natural wood? it's more stable, better able to handle water, and has an easier installation.

If your home is prone to leaks, it's a no-brainer of a decision. I have it because I live on the water.

You should know that not all engineered hardwood flooring is the same. Here are some tips for choosing the best.

Consider thickness

Buy the best your budget will allow. Thickness determines how many times it can be refinished.

The higher-quality products have thicker planks and top layers. And typically, the more layers, the longer it will last.

Depending on quality and installation, engineered hardwood floors can last up to 50 years.

Think about species

Different species have different qualities in various installations, such as room or climate. Think about your needs and style; for example, hickory is hard and is excellent for heavily trafficked spaces.

White oak takes stains well; it used to be that they only came prefinished, but now you can purchase them unfinished. So, if you want to customize, white oak could be for you.

Mahogany has a rich, reddish-brown color with a "striped" look. Maple has a delicate, subtle grain.

Feel free to come into our showroom when shopping for engineered hardwood flooring. You'll see products like American Retreat Butternut Oak by Mohawk or Worthington Driftwood by Karastan-BelleLuxe.

Understand the importance of the core

The core is the floor itself. It has everything to do with stability, durability, resiliency, and water resistance.

Once the core is damaged, the overall floor needs replacement. Typically, three types of cores are used in this flooring: HDF (high-density fiberboard), SPC (stone plastic composite), and engineered plywood.

Flooring knowledge you can count on

Engineered hardwood flooring combines the best of both worlds: beauty and practicality. And the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Nielsen Bros & Sons will show you how it can enhance your home?s design plan.

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