Carpet flooring in a busy Lynnwood household

What carpet installation is best for your busy household?

A lot goes into choosing the right carpet flooring, including fiber, color, and style, but fear not: Whether you have a house full of kids (and their friends!), pets, and other heavy foot traffic, there's a carpet for you.

We?ll give you a rundown on some of the things you should consider.

Carpet Fibers: All-important in choosing durability and stain resistance needs

There are five major fibers.
Wool is an all-natural and it has the inherent oils to resist stains, but it?s not as good at repelling soil and dirt. That can be easily handled with more frequent vacuuming.

Synthetic Include: nylon, which has superior strength and resiliency and stain resistance with a protectant. Polyester is less durable than nylon, but it has an excellent ability to resist stains. Olefin is strongest when included in the Berber style. It repels stains but doesn't withstand soil.

Triexta, used in SmartStrand, is fairly new to the market but already highly praised for superior strength and permanent stain resistance that is built right into the fiber.

Carpet styles and understanding carpet pile

Low pile rugs, such as the Berber and any cut and loop, feature short, tightly woven fibers. These are easy to clean; you?ll see them often in a commercial installation.

High pile rugs have long, loose fibers, such as the shag (often referred to as the ?Sheepdog Rug?) and the frieze, with long, curly threads.

Some, like the Saxony, fall somewhere in the middle. Saxony Plush has a velvety texture that works well in formal rooms but will show footprints. Saxony Textured does not show footprints.

Choosing carpet color

Some hues hide dirt better than others, but much is subjective. For instance, if you have a pet with white fur, it may not be a good idea to go with a black carpet

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