A Bigleaf Maple tree in Washington state ready to be your wood floors

What hardwood flooring species are native to Washington?

Homeowners often seek a balance between beauty, durability, and sustainability in their hardwood floors. One way to achieve this is by choosing hardwood species that are native to the region. In the state of Washington, a diverse range of hardwood trees can be found, offering a variety of options for stunning and eco-friendly flooring choices. In this blog, we will explore some hardwood flooring species that are native to Washington and highlight their unique characteristics.

Bigleaf Maple hardwood

A beautiful hardwood species native to Washington is the Bigleaf Maple. As the largest maple species in North America, it can reach impressive heights. The wood of the Bigleaf Maple is known for its light to medium reddish-brown color and attractive figuring. Hardwood flooring made from Bigleaf Maple offers a warm and inviting aesthetic, with its distinctive grain patterns and occasional birdseye or curly figuring.

Oregon White Oak flooring

The Oregon White Oak, also known as Garry Oak, is a native hardwood species found in the drier regions of Washington. It is highly valued for its strength, durability, and rich golden-brown color. The wood of the Oregon White Oak features prominent rays that add a beautiful texture to the flooring. Choosing Oregon White Oak for hardwood flooring supports the conservation of this important native species and it's long lifespan lengthens the time before needing more

Black Walnut flooring

While not native to Washington, the Black Walnut tree has been successfully introduced and cultivated in certain areas. Known for its luxurious and dark-colored heartwood, Black Walnut is highly sought after for hardwood flooring. The wood exhibits a range of chocolate brown to purplish-black tones, often complemented by swirling grain patterns. Black Walnut hardwood flooring adds elegance and a touch of sophistication to any space.

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When considering hardwood flooring for your Washington home, exploring native hardwood species can offer several advantages. Not only do these species provide unique and visually appealing options, but they also support sustainable practices and help preserve the local ecosystem.

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