Laying down carpet padding during an installation in a Lynnwood home

Why is carpet underlayment so important?

No matter if your carpet has a high or low pile or it is thick and plush, you will still definitely need an underlayment. Commonly known as padding or cushion, it helps protect the rug from wearing against a bare floor and cushions the impact of furniture and foot traffic. This all increases the performance and longevity of the rug. Padding also helps keep you more comfortable when walking or standing as it also cushions impact for you.

The cushion has its own R-value rating, a system used to determine a material's insulating properties. A carpet installation can already have a pretty high R-value, and, when combined with padding, that number only increases. The higher the number, the more insulation, and that also help save energy.

What are the different types of carpet padding?

It is vital to get the right padding for your carpet. Don?t accept whatever is thrown into the bag with the words "that's good." Most residential application applications give a range of 7/16-inch to ?-inch, with a weight of six pounds. Some padding can be too thick and damage the rug; in fact, the Carpet & Rug Institute recommends that, for a Berber style, the padding be no more than ?-inch thick with a heavier, eight-pound, weight. Materials include urethane, foam (there are different types), rubber, and fiber. Each is good for various levels of foot traffic. We will advise you on the best one when you come into our carpet store.

How carpet padding is installed

One of the first things an installer will do is place adhesive, staples, or industrial tape around the room so the padding, with the smooth and shiny side up, stays in place. The installer places carpet tacks, strips of wood that hold the rug in place, and isn?t nailed directly to the floor. The rug is placed in the middle and stretched over the pad, and secured to the tacks.

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