Beautiful luxury vinyl floors in a Bellevue, WA home from Nielsen Bros & Sons

Why luxury vinyl flooring is so popular

Well, let's answer this with a question: Have you ever longed for a farmhouse-style kitchen with gray wood floors but knew the wet, humid, leak-prone room wouldn't make for a sound wood installation? Have you ever seen slate stone floors and thought, "me, too!" with a wallet that says "no!"

That, combined with countless functions, makes luxury vinyl flooring?so well sought after.

The most value for your decorating dollar

Nature-inspired wood, stone, and tile images are clear, vibrant, and accurate, all taken with high-definition photography. The photos display knots, grains, veining variations, and brilliant colors and patterns with micro beveling and embossing that add depth, dimension, and textured features. All images are available in a variety of matte, gloss, and high gloss colors.

As an added design option, you can have the material cut into boards, called vinyl plank flooring, or in groutable squares called LVT flooring. You can have beautiful oak, maple, ash, or hickory wood look floors or exotics like teak, ebony, or blazing red Brazilian cherry. Other stone looks are also available, including marble, travertine, terrazzo, quartz, granite, or limestone. If ceramic tile looks are for you, you'll find colorful geometrics, chevrons, herringbones, and florals, among others.

Extreme durability

This is five times thicker than the original vinyl flooring. Multi-layered with a top transparent, strong melamine wear layer, the floor is well protected from scratches and scuffs. It's also 100% waterproof, made of waterproof materials so that it can be underwater for hours; a quick wipe and the floor is ready to be reused.

Easy to care for, it only requires regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Installation is also uncomplicated, especially when a floating floor where pieces click together, mat, and hover without nails or glue. Subfloors need to be clean, dry, and level.

You?re only limited by your imagination when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring. To learn more and get a free quote, come to Nielsen Bros & Sons in any of our three locations: Bellevue, Auburn, and Lynnwood, WA, near Tacoma, Edmonds, Bothell, and surrounding areas. We make it even easier to shop at home. Call for our fully stocked mobile showroom to come to you.